180-Day Venice Museum Pass

Venice is a magical city with canals, art and culture, a place where the modern traveler can unlock the secret of the past.

From the stunning architecture of the Doge’s Palace Entrances to the beautiful Venetian churches like St. Mark’s, the 180-Day Venice Museum Pass gives you the best of Venice.

It is a long-term pass that allows visitors to explore Venice at their own pace within six months.

You get to enter the Museo Correr Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, and the Biblioteca Marciana.

But, that’s not all the city pass offers; it also comes with a Chorus Pass, which grants access to 16 historically significant churches.

From the Gothic style of Santa Maria dei Miracoli to the Baroque interior of Santa Maria Della Salute, the Chorus Pass allows you to explore Venice’s cultural and spiritual history.

Venice Museum Pass Plus is an upgraded version of this Venice Museum Pass.

In addition to access permits, the Venice Museum Pass also offers other benefits.

The Plus Pass grants visitors access to seven other civic museums, including the Ca’ Rezzonico and the Natural History Museum.

So if you’re looking for a worthwhile experience in Venice, don’t miss out on the 180-Day Venice Museum Pass. 

It’s a wholesome opportunity to explore Venice’s churches and the best museums and attractions.

This pass includes

  • Visit Doge’s Palace and some of Venice’s most popular museums
  • 1 Venice Museum Pass, which includes admission to the Doge’s Palace and some of Venice’s most popular museums

Venice Museum Pass Prices:

At the attraction, visitors can choose from two types of passes.

The first is the adult ticket, available for individuals aged 7 to 99 years and priced at €40.

The second type is the child ticket, which grants free entry to children up to 6 years old.

These passes cater to different age groups and offer fair pricing options for visitors of various ages.

Visitor TypePass Price
Adult ticket (7 to 99 years)€40
Child ticket (upto 6 years)Free entry

Where to buy a Venice museum pass?

You can get the Venice Museum Pass from different places in Venice. Here are a few options:

  • Tourism Offices: Visit the official tourism offices in Venice, usually found in tourist spots. They have the pass and can give you information and help you out.
  • Online: Buy the pass online through official websites or authorized ticketing platforms like GetYourGuide and Tiqets.

    It’s easy, and you can do it ahead of time. Sometimes, you can also skip lines with this option.
  • Museums: Some museums in the pass might sell it at their entrance. If you’re at a museum, you can buy the pass right there.

To know the best places to buy the pass, check the official websites of the Venice tourism Board or the museums themselves.

They’ll have the most recent information.

Is Venice Museum Pass Worth it?

The Venice Museum Pass is like a magic ticket that gets you into 11 awesome museums and attractions in Venice for free!

You can visit famous places like the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Plus, you can hop on any public transportation whenever you want.

The pass also lets you go inside 16 beautiful churches with the Chorus Pass. And there are seven other cool museums you can check out too.

For $42, adults can get this pass, which is a great deal if you plan to visit all these places.

You’ll save money and time because you won’t have to buy individual tickets. It’s a super fun way to explore Venice’s history and culture!

Can you skip the line with Venice Museum Pass?

Yes, you can skip the line with a Venice Museum Pass.

The pass includes a “fast track” entry, allowing you to bypass the regular ticket line and enter the museum and attractions like Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s.

This is a great way to save time, especially during peak season when lines can be long.

To use the fast-track entry, simply show your Venice Museum Pass at the entrance to the museum.

You will be directed to a separate line for pass holders. This line is usually much shorter than the regular ticket line.

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